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0801弐209336 ~Fan Community~
Recent Entries 
22nd-May-2012 06:34 pm - Comm layout update
I'm a bit late with this because I've been mainly offline for two weeks and couldn't work on it.

Btw. did you recognize, that Yue changed the writing of his name. It's not 故 anymore but 遊影.

10th-May-2012 09:47 pm - Name Change + Releases + New Look!
As of May 7th the new offical name is 0801弐209XX6

3 new releases are as follows:

- http://www.彼氏募集中.jp(http://www.kareshiboshuuchuu.jp) 07.04 (Single)
Track Listing:
02.キャバクラ錠(caba-club-jo)(New recording)

- 真実はオレンジとソルトで出来ている 08.22 (Mini album)
(4 Tracks T.B.A.)

- 嘘は林檎とシュガーで出来ている 08.22 (Mini album)
(4 Tracks T.B.A.)

The new look is up at the OHP as well!
Have a look Here
6th-Mar-2012 07:38 pm - Introduction: 0801弐209336
I know this seems to be kinda late.
However, I actually started this type of introduction for another one of my comms (kuroi_reikon), where I keep several mostly quite unknown bands together.
And decided to put these up for all my other comms as well.

band name: 0801弐209336
OHP: http://08012209336.syncl.jp/
members / history / recent:
ゆかり (yukari) / SILVER BEAST → シルピア (癒仮, yukari) → SILVER BEAST (彩月 ゆかり, ayatsuki yukari, gt.) → re:Make (ゆかり, yukari) → 08012209336 [session band] (ゆかり, yukari)
★gt.: 耶月 (yazuki) / Kasablanka → Cattleya → †Zaide† → Embrace of Maria (耶月, yazuki, vo.>.) → Diod'honneur [support] (耶月, yazuki) → カレヰド (耶月, yazuki) → re:Make (耶月, yazuki) → 08012209336 [session band] (耶月, yazuki)
★gt.: 颯希 (satsuki) / 0801弐209336 [support] (颯希, satsuki)
★ba.: Sakiya / re:Make [roadie] → 美幻 → Squall → 08012209336 [session band] (Sakiya)
★dr.: 故 (yue) / シルクスクリーン → Rey la EstRellA (故, yue) → ○なるど (故, yue) → ArecsiA [support] (故, yue) → 08012209336 [session band] (故, yue)
★ex.gt.: 御慶 (mitsunori) / Rey la EstRellA (みつのり, mitsunori) → the SaiZeRiyA (Mitsunori) → 08012209336 [session band] (御慶, mitsunori)
state: active
started: 2009.05.08
disbanded/paused: /
2009.06.02 → live distr. → 雨の日。スコープから見たキミの笑顔。
2009.06.16 → Like an Edison limited one-coin DVD single → L,S,D
2009.09.09 → single → 3gのL,S,D
2009.09.15 → live distr. → 室温13℃職業死神。
2009.12.28 → live distr. → e.g.Paraphilia:【a certain】Invisible
2009.12.30 → maxi single → 渋谷が大嫌いです。
2010.03.15 → 其Re:いケ!ぜろはち君!!
2010.03.16 → mini album → 元カノからの逃れ方。
2010.06.25 → live distr. → 増田ゲーム
2010.06.30 → maxi single → 携帯撲滅委員会
2010.06.30 → mini album → 元カノからの逃れ方。セカンドプレス盤
2010.10.06 → maxi single → 暴飲暴食のキミとパズルルーム
2011.01.05 → distr. → (0120)
2011.05.11 → maxi single → さりげなく終電を逃せ!
2011.11.30 → maxi single → 神崎真琴ダブルチョコレートストロベリー添え
information: /
additional stuff: /
10th-Feb-2012 08:15 pm - New layout and pics
Again 0801 did change outfits, pics and the layout for the OHP.
As usual they were quite fast with this.

Here are the pics:


yukari yazuki satsuki sakiya yue

And I of course also changed the layout for the journal and the user info. ^^

28th-Jan-2012 09:19 pm - Rule change
From now on I changed one rule:

☆Posts should be made public!

In the past I followed what quite some communities go along by, posts being friends locked, so that only community members can see them. But actually the community shall promote this band, so the more people can see the entries, the better it is.

Feel free to share your opinion on this in a comment, I'd like to know about it.

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